7 Day Safari ...

This page provides a typical 7 day safari framework, with the 1st and last days not planned for hunting. Contact us with your requirement and we will refine your safari where appropriate.

Day 1

  • Picking you up at the airstrip and driving to the campsite;
  • Unpacking, making you comfortable and allow you to settle in
  • Getting to know you and understanding your expectations, preferences, skill and fitness level
  • You getting to know us and answering any questions you might have
  • Explaining the camp setup and facilities
  • Give you an overview of what to expect during a hunt, confirm shot-placement, what happens in case of a non-lethal hit and follow up, etc.
  • Explaining safety procedures/aspects
  • Planning for the hunt e.g. divide hunters into groups (if applicable), the times we plan to hunt, hunting method, etc. Note: We are two guides and can cater for a maximum of 4 hunters, implying 2 hunters/guide
  • Confirm the bows are tuned by shooting a few arrows into the broad-head target
  • Confirm bows, arrows and broad-heads are up to the task (as explained in the Equipment section)
  • We might take you fishing, relax around the campsite, take a walk down the creek or a drive to familiarise you with the surroundings
  • Ensuring back-pack bladders are full of water, charging cameras, video cameras, ensuring new batteries in GPS' and range finders, etc.

Day 2-5

  • Each guide carries a 375 calibre rifle as a safety precaution (backup) and/or to finish an animal where appropriate
  • A typical day starts early before sun-rise with breakfast
  • We typically hunt 2-3 hours during the morning and 2 hours the afternoon before sunset, returning to camp for lunch. In some cases (depending on the hunter) we may pack lunch and go out for the whole day
  • Most of the hunts are within a 5km radius from the camp-site. E.g. large swamp area approx. 800m from camp. We will typically spot buffalo at a distance, decide whether it is worthwhile pursuing. If the case, we then decide the best angle of the stalk, taking wind and cover into account
  • Average shooting distance between 20-40 yards
  • Other animals (boars and scrub-bulls/wild oxen) can be encountered and may also be hunted

Day 6

We have a morning hunt and return for lunch. The afternoon hunters pack their gear, relax around the camp and finalise payments.

Day 7

We have breakfast, say our good-byes and leave the campsite to drop you at the airstrip for your flight back to Darwin.