We focus on bow-hunting free-range Australian Waterbuffalo. Our hunts take place in remote Arnhem Land, which is located in the Northern Territory of Australia. Arnhem Land spans approx. 97,000 km2 or 37,000 sq mi. (Scroll down)

The area is tropical and has a dry- and wet-season that last about 6 months each. Hunting takes place during the dry-season as the area is not accessible during the wet-season. Hunting usually takes place during July to October.

Visitors fly into Darwin International Airport and then take a 3 hour charter flight to a remote airstrip where we will meet you. The airstrip is a 45 minute drive to our comfortable campsite where you can relax, unwind and prepare for the following days of hunting.

Partners Eugene and Brandt are avid outdoor enthusiasts that grew up and lived in Africa for many years before immigrating to Australia. Both are enthusiastic cooks who will provide unique and traditional cuisine on your trip. Between them they have extensive hunting experience, both in Africa and Australia.

Eugene has exclusively been bow hunting for the past +10 years and has been around +80 buffalo taken by bow, of which he has personally taken approx. 35. Eugene knows the area well and has spent several years exploring the area for the best safari spot.

During Brandt's years in Africa, he went on many safaris and enjoyed and learnt the behaviour of a variety of wild life. His experience and knowledge provides great enjoyment to the safari.

We are conservation orientated, with vast numbers of established herds of wild game in their natural habitat, on large areas of land. We obey written and unwritten hunting regulations and practices, hunt with compassion and utilize from nature with utmost discretion.

We conserve and promote with love and respect fauna and flora, soil and water and the life it represents. We use our weapons with skill and consideration and with understanding for the value of life.

We hunt with humility, respect our fellow hunter and aim to enhance and strengthen the pastime of hunting.